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ROBERT CHURCHILL GUN EXPERT DURING THE 1940S AND 1950S, a) 1947 - A photocopy of Robert Churchill's detailed article in THE POLICE JOURNAL, entitled The Forensic Examination of Firearms and Projectiles.
b) Photograph of the microscope used by Robert Churchill in his duties as the Crown's special forensic Expert Witness.
c) 3 April 1949 - Photocopy of press cutting outlining events leading to a murder in Belgravia, London, and the trial at which Robert Churchill was the Expert Witness for the Prosecution.
d) 17 January 1952 - Photocopy of EVENING NEWS press cutting entitled Camera Helped to Catch Haigh. Robert Churchill was the Expert Witness for the Prosecution at the trial.
e) Photocopies of an extract from The Life of Ian Fleming by John Pearson 1966, pp 114 and p 224-225 detailing Robert Churchill's connection with the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during WWII.
f) 1959 - Photocopy of a letter from Ray Willas of Illinois, USA sent to the Special Forces Club in the UK. The letter confirms the Special Operations Executive's use of the Colt Pocket pistol during WWII. These pistols were supplied to the SOE by Robert Churchill's other gunmaking firm, The Hercules Arms Company during WWII.
(See Chapters 9 & 10 of Don Masters' book, THE HOUSE OF CHURCHILL)

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