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January 2021 Sealed Bid Auction

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Sale S0121 Lot 7001


A COLLECTORS LOT OF 438 ROUNDS OF RIFLE AMMUNITION, comprising of the following approximate quantities:
65 .30-06 Sprg in clips
62 7.62 x 54R Russian
25 8mm Lebel in clips
6 7.92 German issue in machine gun clip
29 .303 various types and dates
4 8 x 57 rimless no base markings
30 7.62 x 39 Russian issue in clips plus original carton for two clips
5 .223 / 5.56 in plastic clip copper bullet
2 8 x 57R Kropatschek
1 10.75 (neck) x 61R case length - blank or ignitor
1 7.95 x 54R
1 8 x 52R Mannlicher
14 7.9 x 57 Russian issue in original carton
12 .30-06 in original cloth bandolier, rat eaten in places
20 7 x 57 Mauser manufactured Brazil in retail carton
28 .22 Hornet by Winchester
133 sundry other rimless rifle cartridges, mainly military

Note: Some of the above collection has corrosion present. Also, please be advised that ammunition, primers, primed cases, blanks and percussion caps cannot be sent to you by post or carrier. If you wish you can book a collection at one of our regional valuation days or collect from our offices at PE31 6HA in Norfolk

Please click HERE to view Terms & Conditions. Please note all Lots are listed in accordance with UK Law, for overseas buyers, please ensure you are familiar with your relevant local firearms and customs regulations before bidding.

Estimate £50-100

S1 - Sold under Section 1 of the 1968 Firearms Act

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