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The Holts Auctioneers website does not use the cookie to store personal information about a user. It is simply used to store a token which ensures a more pleasant user experience and also as a security measure to hinder malicious users from attempting to spoof bids.

If you are using Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall you may be experiencing difficulties with the cookie due to your privacy settings. Information on how to allow cookies for specific internet sites is available on the Symantec web site, search the Knowledge Base for article number 2002020713491036 or 2003061716541136.

If you wish to change your privacy settings without visiting Symantec simply;

Close down any open browsers e,g. Internet Explorer.

Load the Norton program (either from the start menu or shortcut on your desktop).
Once the program has loaded, select Privacy Control from the set of menu options on the left.
Untick the box where it reads "Enable Privacy".
Minimise / return Norton Internet Security to the taskbar

N.B. Where websites are accessible via more than one URL please make sure you are accessing our site at, not simply, as accessing the site without "www" can also cause this problem.