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34in. nitro reproved barrels, broad rib engraved 'J. & W. TOLLEY. MAKERS. 1 CONDUIT ST. REGENT ST. LONDON. W.', treble-grip action with Jones patent rotary-underlever, carved percussion fences, rebounding back-action locks, border engraving, brushed bright and reblued finish overall, 14 3/8in. figured pistolgrip stock with domed horn pistolgrip-cap, sling swivels, with central brass-lined anchoring hole, including 1 3/4in. wooden extension, fore-end with Deeley & Edge patent release catch, weight 12lb. 10oz.; together with an F. Beesley brass-mounted oak and leather cartridge magazine, the interior adapted to house a wooden 8-bore cartridge box / tray, the lid outer embossed with 'D. S. A. McD', and with a copy of 'Goose Fever - Special Magnum Edition' by Douglas McDougall, signed by Keith McDougall (son and illustrator), two books by Douglas McDougall on 8-bore ammunition and a reproduction copy of J. & W. Tolley's 1912 edition catalogue

Provenance: The vendor has kindly confirmed that this gun was formerly the property of Douglas McDougall, legendary wildfowler and authority on 8-bore loading and ballistics.

In the copy of 'Goose Fever' by Douglas McDougall, is a short loose leaf typed piece by Keith McDougall, dated 2002 which reads as follows:

"Douglas McDougall died in 1993 at the age of 92. To the end he was adding notes and new chapters to Goose Fever. It was a labour of true love as he felt his age catching up and wildfowling trips more difficult. At the age of 88 he was forced to undergo a leg amputation, but after recovering from this and returning home to Catfield Hall, Norfolk, he enjoyed shooting from a wheelchair on our small family farm. Here it was, at the age of 90 he shot a cock pheasant high over the trees after two other guns had lamentably failed. Such was "Mac"; a sportsman to the end and now he is gone, we are left with his inimitable "Goose Fever"; a classic which I have decided to reissue as a special limited edition.
Many wildfowlers, over the past few years, have called me or written for copies. But after some thirty years and four previous editions it became most definitely out of print. Hence this new presentation.
I decided not to alter the original text or lay-out. There is no good reason to do so. Goose Fever captures the special frisson of free and easy wildfowling in the post-war years. It is the diary record of a family man content in his chosen sport, and revelling in the camaraderie of his fowling companions.
Some might consider it rather dated. Certainly the chapters on lead shot ballistics are no longer relevant. But I have chosen to keep things as they were. Douglas, (or "Mac" as BB fondly called him) was a towering figure in the goose world of heavy bore shooting. He was also a leading agriculturalist, businessman, and a fine game shot. Goose Fever is his epitaph.
The only modifications in this edition are the inclusion of six "private" chapters covering expeditions after 1983 and the reproduction of a selection of paintings by myself and a few by BB (Denys Watkins Pitchford). These will, hopefully, give extra atmosphere and help those, who still thrill to the sound of grey battalions, and who are prone to dreaming of their own exploits, pursuing wild geese on foreshore and field.
Keith McDougall, Stiffkey, Norfolk. 2002."

There are a number of photographs in the book 'post-it' noted to draw attention to the double gun being held by Douglas (also some text cut out in places)

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Estimate £10,000-15,000

Sold as an exempt item under Section 58 (2) of the 1968 Firearms Act, to be held as a curiosity or ornament

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